hearteyesGrowing up as a very conservative Mennonite girl in a tight-knit, farming community of Amish and Mennonite families, I realize that my perspective on life still tends to see through that lens of my growing-up years. I embrace that sense of community that was thoroughly safe and comforting, recognizing that some of it also felt very confining to me.

Now, as a wife, mother and grandmother living in the 5th largest U.S. metro-plex, surrounded by a wide variety of cultures and where individualism seems advocated more than community, I desire to see through the ‘lens’ of heaven’s perspective.

The heart and eyes are so connected. Whatever I let in to my heart often comes through what I see with my eyes. I really want to see through heaven’s eyes. It’s usually a much different perspective than my natural one because it’s supernatural. What I find has value from the viewpoint of heaven is people more than stuff, relationships more than being right, honoring more than arguing.

I find my own significance from knowing what God thinks about me. I believe He opens the eyes of my heart to see life from His perspective when I pursue and value a relationship with Him. It is a choice to focus on what has eternal value and live from that place.

I’m grateful for the culture I grew up in and the family and community who shaped much of my early vision. I’m also grateful for my husband who has embraced my background and family wholeheartedly, although his was significantly different.

Since there was a 16 year gap between my siblings and I was right in the middle, I often acted like an only child. I had a lot of imaginary friends -doesn’t everyone- and I especially loved to talk my native ‘Amish Dutch’ language to them!

I’ve always loved to write and make up stories and I’ve been teased by my family for my unlimited imagination! So here’s an outlet to combine those and give the perspective of my heart! Thanks for stopping by.