Monthly Archives: April 2015


I love to shop sales. Actually, I don’t really like to shop much anymore, but I love to save money. So lots of times I’ll buy something that I like just because it’s on sale and when I get home to my closet, I realize it doesn’t match anything.

But sometimes the opposite happens. I’ll find a jacket I like, on sale, and when I get home I realize it goes perfectly with a top I have already and a pair of pants that I bought on sale, but never wear and suddenly a new outfit has come together.

I admit that living in Phoenix, coordinated clothing isn’t a big deal. Yea, pretty much any T-shirt and shorts will do. But that’s beside my point!

I think God brings ‘coordinates’ into our lives to fulfill His purpose through us. It seems the Father enjoys creating combinations of relationships that ‘happen’ together and fit well.

It helps me to remember that when I don’t visibly have the big picture coordinated, that I can trust my Heavenly Father to bring pieces of my life together to create an ‘outfit’ that looks good on me! Yea, I think He thinks about me that much.



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