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A Lifestyle of Peace

I’m beginning to recognize that I am an instrument of God’s peace, created for worship. An instrument that plays beautiful music is tuned perfectly. For me to be tuned perfectly, I tune my heart to heaven. An out of tune instrument not only grates on our nerves, it messes up the orchestra!

It’s in the secret place, our time alone with God, that we tune our hearts to heaven. For me, it takes setting aside my “list” and allowing God’s Presence to take over my time with Him.

God already knows my “list” stuff and He’s on it. I find that praying my ‘list’ is more like worrying and I lose peace when I focus on stuff instead of on Him.

Somehow, in spending time with God without an agenda, my heart fills with awe and wonder. My day becomes ordered with His Presence. My listening ears are on because I’ve chosen to tune my heart to the heart of my Father God. And His paths are perfect peace.

What usually changes is my perception and heart attitude. Circumstances no longer dictate my emotions. The Prince of Peace is the One in charge of my life.

I think about Mary and her first meeting with the angel and the life-changing news she was given. I can’t imagine getting that kind of news, but I’m pretty sure I’d have a melt-down! Instead of stressing out, she chose wonder and awe. I want my perception of life to be like that – choosing to focus on the good, pure, lovely and praise-worthy things. They are there if I choose to see them.

It may seem simplistic or naïve, but trust in God is our link to peace. My Pastor in Kansas said these wise words, “Peace is not the absence of some thing, it is the presence of some One.”

Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”


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The Power of Words to Change Your World

Words are powerful! Spoken words can bring a shift in the atmosphere around us. Speaking value and encouragement to another human being isn’t always easy, but when we choose to see with ‘the eyes of our heart’, we can make a difference.

Several years ago I would randomly tell my oldest grandson, “I think you’re awesome.” Those words weren’t connected to a specific feat he’d accomplished or to what he and I both knew was something good he was involved in. It was completely out of the blue. I did it once or twice a week when I had time with him and especially when I sensed he was having a tough time.

Eventually, all I had to say was, “Do you know what I think?” and he would look at me with that look and nod, “You think I’m awesome.”  Yep! Those words had an effect.

Our ‘heart eyes’ see beyond the natural and ‘mine’ the treasure out of others. When others see beyond our natural ‘dirt’ and find treasure in us and then use words to let us know, it breathes LIFE into us. We are human beings and we need that kind of Life breathed into us!

I also believe it’s important to speak Life Words to ourselves. When we do something stupid, we can say to self, “You stupid idiot!” or we can agree with a wise King who wrote, “I praise You because you made me in such a wonderful way. I know how amazing that was!” (Psalm 139)

Our words to others also affect us. When I have a nasty traffic day, I can bless or curse the other drivers who cut me off. Since they never hear my words, its better to bless them and keep my peace. When I let their finger motions or honks affect me, my response triggers my own emotions. Lately I’m trying to pray peace for them since they obviously need it! I realize I get less stressed that way, too!

When we allow our Father God to open our ‘heart eyes’ to see with His perspective and breathe LIFE with our words, we impact the realm of our influence and make it a better place.




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