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Raining Possum

Hearing a noise late one evening, outside of our house in the country, I opened the back door to check it out. Darkness. My eyes adjusted quickly and then I saw a figure. It was a slow-motion moment of time where I took in the scene of my teenage son with his B.B. gun pointing upward in the tree right outside that door I’d just opened and the next moment watching the falling of a possum out of that tree, missing my head by mere inches.

I barely knew what didn’t hit me. I jumped. (And probably made some noise!) My son was as startled as I was. The possum lay dead, still very close to my feet.  It was one of those split-second moments you don’t forget.

Then I flipped the light switch. And began to breathe again.

He and I recently reminisced about it. It’s funny now. Not so much then.

Sometimes opening a door and not knowing what’s beyond, is an adventure! I certainly never anticipated nearly being hit by a possum shot out of a tree and falling like rain! Would I have opened that door if I had known what lay beyond, and could have hit my head?

When I step into a new season of life, it’s like opening that door. I don’t have fear. I don’t have laughter. Yet. It’s the unknown. If I allow the unknown to have emotion attached to it before I even know what it is, it’s defeating to my destiny.

One thing I know about going into a dark place is that if you bring light to it, darkness leaves. The two cannot co-exist. It’s not that darkness is inferior, it’s nothing when there’s light.

Would I love to see all that’s ahead? Hmm. I don’t think so, that’s the part of the journey called faith. Do I fear the unknown? Honestly, I don’t. Maybe that seems naïve. But I choose to see it as trust. I’m so comfortable with The One who is always with me, that I can let go of my discomfort in the unknown. It’s like flipping that switch. The light that comes with the presence of the Holy Spirit also brings revelation and supernatural resource for every moment. Because I bring His light with me, there’s really one main challenge. Stay close to the light.


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