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Miracles at the Nail Salon

I’m a big fan of miracles! It’s my heart-felt belief that God wants to bring what’s in His world, to ours; the supernatural invasion from heaven to earth and that’s always good things. I also am a big fan of hearing miracle stories because they bring me to an awareness of how amazing God is and the courage to pray for more. I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone in praying for others, but it’s certainly worth it.

A pedicure in October was a significant moment for me. That may sound a bit dramatic, but hear me out!

My wonderful daughter-in-law gave it to me as a gift for my birthday and as we sat down in the chairs, Mrs. V came over to greet me very excitedly. Wow, she was in a good mood and so happy to see me! I wondered what was up. She was talking fast and pointing to her arm. Then I remembered.

The previous time I was there was several months before with a friend. Mrs. V’s arm had been in a splint-type brace and I asked her if she was in pain. Although I didn’t understand her English very well, I could tell she was hurting. I asked if I could pray for her. I think that might have caught her off guard! She looked questioningly at her husband who does the manicures. He nodded, so she nodded and I simply put my hand close to her arm and prayed a simple prayer. Then I asked her if she felt anything. Nope, nothing had changed. So we said our good-byes and I never thought of it again. Until this moment several months later.

I asked her to repeat what she’d said when she was pointing to her arm. I noticed she wasn’t wearing the brace. She told me the pain had left after I prayed and had not returned. This is a young woman who makes her living by using her hands and arms all day long doing manicures and pedicures. Being pain-free was a big deal for her.

Well, that was awesome! I was speechless. But she wasn’t! She wanted to know if I would pray for her sister in Vietnam who’d had a stroke and her friend in Tucson who also had arm pain? She wrote their names down for me. Wow!

When God demonstrates His love through miracles and healing, it draws people to want to know Him. But it usually includes our willingness to step out and love them in some way.

I’ve begun to pray more for people in the marketplace and they’re usually grateful and sometimes they feel something and don’t know how to explain it. (I believe it to be God’s presence touching them in a way they can sense.) But I had not seen someone healed as a direct result of my small, seemingly insignificant prayer like this before. That was a big deal for me.

It certainly wasn’t a magic spiritual formula, nor was it my great faith! I’d forgotten about it. Sometimes the miraculous things we encounter make us want to figure God out, so we can do it again. Maybe that messes with your theology, but I’m pretty sure we can’t put God in a box and figure Him out. But the more we get to know Him, the better we understand His heart. And the more we value our relationship with Him, the more He can trust us with answers.

Today I was back for a pedicure. I didn’t really need one, but I just really wanted to know if there were more answers from God. There were! Yes, the friend with arm pain in Tucson no longer had pain and the sister in Vietnam who’d had a stroke was significantly better. And Mrs. V. was still pain free!



I’ve seen 2 more really significant miracles in the past few weeks. There’s nothing more miraculous than a person giving their heart totally back into the charge of the One who created them. It’s incredibly humbling and stirs my passion to know God even more deeply.

Once we begin to experience God’s ‘amazing-ness’, it’s really fun to partner with His reality and bring it to our world. If you have a miracle story to share, I’d love to hear it.