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Living with Passion

22 years ago I bega20160330_125305n writing a family newsletter for my dad’s side of the family. I have 32 first cousins, 80 second cousins and those 80 have bunches of more little cousins! Lots of family, living lots of places. This hobby of mine has kept us all a little closer as we’ve shared stories, trivia, weddings, babies and lots of travels. I love the trips down memory lane!

Who knew that when I had to find a project for my very first computer class in 1994, that it would have this kind of result?

Small things. Unknown outcome. Not seeing very far ahead. Sometimes just an inkling in our thinking. Being faithful to what you started. Being committed. All are so much easier when it’s something you passionately love doing.

Another passion has begun. Again in a small way. Meeting one on one with women in crisis. Listening to the cry of their hearts and praying for heaven to open up over them. Finding the treasure that’s within them to bring them hope. One this week, addicted to heroin, been through rehab and detox, needing 2 kinds of anxiety meds – this one, had tears rolling down her face as I assured her she was courageous and God saw her kind heart. This one, looking more hopeful after praying for her addiction to be broken by a powerful and amazing God.

Is our world getting worse? ‘Goin’ down the tubes’? I think it depends on where you look and how you see things. We can go back to Biblical times and see horrific lifestyles comparable to now. The depravity of society is always one side of earthly life. Perhaps we just hear more about the yuk, because we have more media. The 6 o’clock news won’t give you the stories of people in my family who foster babies, who start a program for inmates or who care for the elderly with kindness. But these people are making a huge difference and our world is a better place because of those not so small deeds and not so small commitments.

God’s love to us is passionate, sacrificial and life-giving. That Love changes us to be like Him.

Passion sees from the heart of a good, good Father and becomes a conduit of His heart to our world.

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