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A Healthy Dose of Laughter

One of the best health remedies available to human beings is laughter. The thing about taking vitamins or any remedy is that we each need our own; no one else can take them for us. And ultimately, we make the choice of what we put into our body, soul and spirit.

I learned a new game while waiting for the 4th of July parade this year. Stop and Plop, Horse. Well, that’s my name for it.

Horse poop circle July 4 paradeThe gentleman sitting in the grass next to me had explained that ‘these kids are going to draw circles on the street with chalk and when a horse poops in their circle, they win a prize’. Well, let’s just say we were all more anxious for the horses to show up in this parade than usual. Even though the kids became a little desperate towards the end and began shouting at the horses to ‘do your business here’, alas, they all seemed to have done their business before the parade and no one won a prize.

I love being around people who have a merry heart. It’s infectious! I want to be one who lightens the load by lightening the mood!

When you’re in an environment where pain and heartache are prevalent, it’s important to find the ‘vitamins’ that are life-giving. Sometimes a change of focus is needed. Laughter is such great therapy! Proverbs says it’s like medicine. Jesus wanted his followers to believe His yoke was easy and His burden light. The psalmist told us the joy of the Lord is our strength. There’s not much strength in misery.

I love my vitamin sea. The ocean’s mystery and vastness bring me awe and wonder of the Creator and His infinite power. When I recognize Who He is, I need to laugh at the stupidity of my thoughts that would limit Him. If I don’t think my God is big enough for any situation, my fear has become bigger than my faith.

photo Vitamin Sea I love hearing the life lessons and insights others have, and like vitamins, the health of my soul and spirit must come from good sources, just like they do for my body. I choose what I put into my mind and what gets to stay or go for my emotional health.

It’s beneficial for me to read other people’s books and stories and hear their testimonies, but it must become personal, out of a relationship with my Creator-God. Directly to me, for me! A healthy mind comes from comprehending we are known by Him and loved beyond measure. And then laughing at the lie that wants us to believe otherwise.



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