Monthly Archives: December 2016

Legacy Matters

Helmuth Fam photo
Four years ago we said our earthly good-byes to Mom. It was less than a year before that we’d said these good-byes to Dad. It makes me think more about heaven. It also motivates me to leave a legacy for future generations as they did.
A legacy of forgiving when they were wronged in business and not becoming bitter. A legacy of acceptance of those who believed differently, giving great value to relationships. A life spent with a lot of joy and laughter despite pain and sorrow. A legacy that used time spent on earth to love fully and to give time and resources to the things that counted for eternity.
The choices we get to make in life can make a difference beyond our earthly existence. It’s like a relay race. Each prize is gained according to how the last runner finishes. It isn’t just about us. We make a difference for generations to come by what we do now in our race.
You may not have received a rich legacy baton to pass along, but you can start the relay race for the next generation. We can run our best to pass along what really matters for eternity.