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Once upon a short time ago….

The Mustang, Gary’s 2000 GT 300 white horse with ‘extra’ power had a problem. Just so you know, it has a tricked out transmission, a performance chip in the computer and can make noise! He bought it brand new and has taken great care of it, but it has lots and lots of miles. A broken piece made it not drive-able. Dealer price – $485. Other place price -$285. He asked The Helper for help. A prayer. Holy Spirit brought a junk-yard to mind. Can’t say he was thrilled, but was obedient. What he paid for real at the junk-yard – $16.Mustang soft edge

I believe God wants to bring His kingdom ways into every area of our lives because He is relational. His kingdom functions in a different realm, a supernatural one. But it comes to our natural one if we ask. When Jesus was on earth, He taught often about the kingdom of heaven. His lifestyle showed us that the ways of His kingdom can be lived on earth.

Kingdom-minded believers live with an alertness to what God has available. And believe He cares and reveals things to us. Expectation for the miraculous is faith. For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. I Corinthians 4:20