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Cheeto hands! Cheeto hands!

Going on a “Grands’ field trip” with the dad is somewhat different than with the mom. (Mom’s at home with a new baby). It’s still educational, just in a different way! I figured that out as we entered the Desert Botanical Gardens (with all the other Snowbirds, Spring-Breakers, Spring Training fans and those who are like us, taking advantage of free admission day), and he says, “O.K. kids, today we’re here to see people….since we can’t really see any plants because of them.” Only about 30 of the bajillion people turn to stare at us!

And then this, after we commented on the beauty of our weather. “There’s a blizzard today,” but before he can finish, the 4 year old – looking all around – says, “Where?” And, since this child has  been fortunate enough (in my opinion) not to have seen one, asks, “What’s a blizzard?”

With dad’s answer, the 6 year old dramatic one stops dead in her tracks – only 2 seniors run into her – and with both arms open wide says, “Wait! A blizzard in Pennsylvania? We have cousins there!” Yes, we do and we sympathize.

An explanation of why bees are calmer in their natural habitat of lavender plants brought this educational moment – “You see kids, they’re not acting like they’re high on crack like the ones we see all the time (in the city) who live off of spilled soda on stadium seats.” Only 45 of the bajillion people turn to stare at him.

After the Cheetos snack, he had them follow him, marching like little ducks, with their hands outstretched in single file towards the restrooms, calling out his warning, “Cheeto hands! Cheeto hands!” Everyone around did seem to heed his warning or at least were backing away for some reason!

You don’t want to know the details of what happens when the dad deals with a “snot rocket” and has no tissues. You don’t. Just don’t shake hands with a dad of a snot-nosed kid!

And then, “Oh, look. It’s an organ pipe cactus. Do you think I should play it?” Although he’s leaning in towards it, he listens when his kids yell, “No, Dad!” Yep, he’s a great dad and I’m proud of his skills. He does educate, just a bit differently.

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