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The rat died! Yep, right there in front of the garden, which seems like vindication happening at that spot. I’ll spare you a picture of him! This picture is where he put his trophy- our prize tomato! It was an in-your-face, see-what-I-can-do placement.

Embarrassing really. But we live in the desert and have fruit trees and tomatoes. This rat was belligerent. He’d gnaw through our netted cage, pick a tomato, take 3 bites and set it outside like his prize. Grr! My General Patton did some prayin’ and set out some ‘special gems’ for him to ingest!

It reminds me of times when ‘rats’ invade our heart. That’s the ‘garden’ – the productive place of God in us. Rats come in various forms-fear of what others think, isolation, hopelessness, holding on to hurts-all seeking to destroy our fruit.

It’s important to find out what the destructive force is and recognize the enemy of God’s truth to us. We can turn our heart toward heaven and find His Word on it. We have power over these enemies when the All-Powerful One lives in us. We can choose to agree with what He says about us and understand the authority we’ve been given.

Here’s what the All Powerful One says, “I AM the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness but will have the Light of Life.”

The light of truth exposes the ‘rats’ and gives us the resources from His world to deal with the stuff in ours. To have good fruit, they’ve got to go.

This is the photo of my yummy tomatoes since he’s gone! WooHoo!



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God and the fob

Last week I got a new car. My old car had served me well for many years, and I had a sense our time together was at an end. My General Patton (he protects me from lots of things, including car dealers!) had even done some test driving and lots of research. It was a violent demise, but no wreck. As I turned onto a busy street close to my daughter’s house, it began to make a horrific noise and shake violently. I thought I had blown a tire and was able to pull over, and onto a side street. I checked the tires and they were fine.

First call was to my General! He knows a lot about cars and especially mine. Long story, and since mechanics isn’t my specialty, I won’t go there. Point is, the car’s problem was not worth the cost of repairs.

My new car has a key fob for starting it. I looked it up! It’s a small security device with built-in authentication used to secure access. Uh-huh. The key’s actually hidden inside. The car is designed to access its power only when the fob is near. I’ve never had this kind of relationship with a car before. If that fob is in my purse, the locked doors will open with my touch. If I leave it behind in the car and try to walk away, it alerts me. Loudly. I usually jump!

Maybe it’s a bit like our relationship with God. There’s authentication needed to secure access. We can’t access His power without a genuine connection. We’re designed to be connected to Him as the power source for our life. It means we draw near to Him. He’s not a magician to just give us what we want when we pray. Our heart and His need to be linked.

The keys to God’s kingdom are different from this world’s. God’s original design for mankind was unlimited access to Him. In the garden of Eden, Adam & Eve walked and talked with God. Whatever they needed, they had access to. Because sin separates us from a holy God, life on earth changed. Jesus’ death and resurrection restored the keys of the kingdom to those who choose to believe in Him. Those keys give us unlimited access to the eternal realm in every way.

I like that I can’t lock myself out of my new car unless I ignore the warning. I like that about my relationship with God, too.

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