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We can’t be on vacation forever, but life can be a perpetual adventure. Hearing fellow travelers’ stories is as intriguing to me as finding beautiful seashells. I’m the adventurer, much to My General’s chagrin, but he’s become seasoned to it over time!

On this trip, the beachside trail seemed to be more of a detour than a destination. Fellow hikers stopped to say hello and mentioned they were headed to the coffee shop. Ooh, could we follow? We had no idea where we were going, and yes, they were happy to have us join them. Originally from Switzerland, he had left the world of finance to start a vineyard in New Zealand with nothing but a piece of land that had been an apple orchard. His knowledge of wine and ours was worlds apart! My General’s ‘cloud’ knowledge also introduced a new world, a cloud she had never heard of. How fun that conversation was!

Even on vacation, there are many ‘hurry up and wait’ times. This time a family who came from our part of the world and found their vacation spot to be too big not to share it. So, they talked the grandparents back home into joining them for an unexpected vacation. Four hours later they were on a plane! Laughing, ‘Gram’ told me she had come with only a carry-on and hadn’t worn makeup since arriving. I could feel her pain! They also gave us a heads up on where not to eat….seems ‘farm to table’ has a different meaning than back home! You eat all of the parts of the pig at one meal. All.

Or the honey-mooners from Montana who I knew to be from my cultural background by their style of dress. Sweet couple, surprised by my revelation. We figured somehow we knew some of the same folks but never quite made the full circle before our ticket call came.

I love reading or writing a good story, but the “life” ones with real folks are the best.

Sometimes our ‘detour’ leads to an international friendship, possibly a divine appointment. Did I mention we ‘happened’ to meet again on our last morning on the island? She told me they’d just been talking about us. Yep, we had coffee together again!

Sometimes our ‘waiting’ time is purpose-full. We can skip something pain-full! Sometimes we learn more from ‘chance’ meetings than we could have imagined.

All of us have stories. Opportunities to share them makes life more interesting. Makes me want to say ‘Mahalo’ to the One who created us, and to think differently about what seems to be a detour, a waiting season or a coincidence. And to really and truly trust that my steps are ordered by a good God and that He loves my adventurous heart!   Aloha

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