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An Issue of the Heart & the Dr.’s Office

I get a lot of life lessons from kids. Last night as I was going to bed, I was talking to God (some call it praying, so no, I don’t need a psych evaluation), and I remembered a conversation I’d heard that day between a young mom and her child. She told the child she couldn’t hear a whining voice.  I was reminded of that moment since my ‘prayer’ sounded similar to what that child was doing. It’s good to ‘draw near’ to Him, but it’s also necessary to grow up in Him.

Don’t judge me, but I have my annual physical scheduled, and that’s what I was whining…er talking, with Him about. It’s one of my ‘trigger’ spots for some anxiety – a medical office. Your ‘spot’ is probably different, but most of us have one. Or two. I did ask about having a virtual visit since they offer that. Ha!

Sometimes I’m a bit like that whining child.  When I dislike doing something, I bring God into it and want Him to let me whine and hope that’ll make me feel better.

Don’t get me wrong; I think He wants to be a part of everything in our lives and we can certainly talk with Him about all our ‘stuff’. But that child who was whining was a mess! She didn’t want to do a simple task at that moment, and her face and emotions were pathetic.

I remembered my pastor’s sermon on Sunday about the people God took out of slavery and plagues (think swarms of flies or frogs in your bed) and they later complained that they were tired of eating manna (they didn’t have to cook or shop for it – seems like a good deal) and wanted to go back to eating leeks! Leeks?

I began to wonder what it is that God really likes to talk about if we’d let Him start the conversation. What is it that draws His heart to ours? He told His disciples that His main concern when He returns was to ‘find faith on the earth’.

He’s drawn to faith. Then that’s what I want to have. That story even seems to be in the context of a whining woman bothering a judge continually until she gets what she wants. But I would rather be someone God finds in that group who have ‘faith on the earth’, and know He’s drawn to that, than to get an answer (or at least relief) because I was an intense pest.

So, you want the rest of the story, what happened, a good ending? I’m like that, too! For me, it’s not merely ‘sucking it up’ and enduring well. It’s recognizing there’s a heart issue that needs attention. Fear because of intimidation or worry because of past confrontation can be brought to God in honesty. I then allow what He says (the Bible) to have the greater influence.

Trust comes as we recognize Who we are because of Who He is and make the conscious choice to replace our thought patterns with His. As a daughter of The King, I don’t lack for anything, and it’s my responsibility to act like it. I choose to believe Him when He tells me that I’m strong and courageous, an overcomer and a conqueror. Just like that mom, He’s not drawn to whining when He knows that’s not my full potential.

I can’t say that I had a fun time! Not even close. I am in great health and work hard to maintain it. But here’s the thing I’m learning. The people in that medical office are human beings and when I focus on relationships, I value time spent with them as a gift. A place to give kindness. A challenge to bring a moment of goodness to their world. When I purposefully take the focus off of me, I see a lot clearer and respond a whole lot nicer. And then thank the Lord I don’t have to do this very often and treat myself to dessert! Or maybe not. No need to hasten my return there!

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