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Text Message from God

It began several months ago when I woke up way too early with a heavy heart. Something wasn’t right and I needed reassurance. I wanted to pray a quick one in my comfortable bed and go back to sleep. Somehow, I knew this one took more effort on my part and I headed to my prayer room. Thirty minutes later I really didn’t feel any better, but I left it with God and headed back to bed. I remember thinking that I really wanted to be up by 6:00. Although my alarm wasn’t set, I woke up at 6:00. Exactly. I hurried to fix some breakfast, got ready for the day and as I cruised past my alarm clock, my eyes glanced at the time. 7:00. Exactly. Hmm. Something stirred deep inside.

On my way home that afternoon, I made an unexpected stop at Sprouts. No list for groceries, just a few things I’d grabbed for guests coming later. As I waited in line, I heard the clerk across from me tell her customer that his amount was $34.00 even. Again, something inside of me stirred. I wonder if. No, that wouldn’t. Not me. But as the clerk gave me the total, I was stunned. Thirty-five dollars even. Exactly. I couldn’t wait to get out of that store, back to my car and let the tears come.

This spoke to my heart. God was exactly on time. He knew exactly what was needed in that situation. He would meet that need in exactly the right way. And finally, peace came.

I didn’t see the answer right away. It wasn’t what I thought it would be, but it was amazing. And my heart knew it was exactly right from a God who is exactly on time.

Several months later I had an appointment that concerned me. At the exact moment I walked in the door I got a text message from an unknown number. The message was an encouraging Bible verse, given in personal form for me. Great message. Great timing. Who’s number? And how did they know mine? I hurried to my computer and looked up the area code. It was from a neighboring country! Whoa.

I asked. It was someone I respect greatly but had never talked to them about what concerned me. It felt like I was getting a text from God. Oh, I know, humans don’t compare to the Almighty One. I am well aware. But, then again, His plan is for us to live in community. To be part of a body of believers. And He does still speak to our hearts.

It happened again. With impeccable timing, ‘God’s’ number came up on my text message with an incredible word of encouragement. Chance? Happenstance? At that moment? I don’t think so.

I’d also gotten encouraging words from one who knows me well. One who knew I needed encouragement. She prayed. God gave her something for me. I value her wisdom and hope came from her words.

Not having encouraging relationships isn’t living. It’s existing. We are designed by our Creator to need Him and to need other human beings. Sometimes we pray alone and His answer comes with the encouragement that He knows us. Other times we share our need and value who He’s placed in our life.

We live on earth, but we are known and loved by the God of heaven and earth. The One who’s designed us to have earthly relationships that reflect heaven. Hope usually comes from encouragement. I find that being connected with others who are followers of Jesus, is usually the best place to get the encouragement that brings hope. And if they send me a text message that sounds like God, I’ll take it. And be thankful that He still uses people.

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