Monthly Archives: April 2018

The Attorney and Eternity

I had a great experience this week. You wouldn’t think that sitting down with my husband and an attorney and preparing for what happens after we die would be amazing! But it was. We left that office being deeply touched, knowing it was yet another God-moment in our lives. Although we don’t have a lot of earthly stuff, we hadn’t updated our previous will that had been done to provide guardianship for our minor children. Trusting God in every step of our lives, He had again designed a good thing in a place that ordinarily seems hard.   

I believe it’s important to steward well what we have been given. I don’t care what happens after I die because I’ll be with Jesus and nothing is better than that. Except I do care. Leaving a legacy that outlives me is important to me. I was given a heritage of faith by my parents and my grandparents and I’m grateful. I love the moments I have now with my grands. Making memories, sharing my love of stories and gardening and travel. And Jesus. But the next life is all about worshipping the One who is worthy. The One who gave His life so I can have eternal life. It matters how I live my life now. It matters for the generations to come. It matters that my parents and grandparents made huge changes in their lives, at the cost of being ridiculed by family, so I can know the truth of Jesus and the Bible.

Living beyond the moment, being good stewards, and valuing what has eternal worth isn’t part of our culture. But leaving a legacy for generations to come, shows our understanding of faith.

By the way, if you don’t have preparations made for after you die – the physical or the spiritual – you can PM me and I’d love to introduce you to my attorney or my Jesus.