Monthly Archives: December 2019

A Master Craftsman’s Design

Broken, crushed and put through an intense fire that has melted to a liquid – that’s how this beauty was created. I’ve been awaiting the arrival of this Phoenician (or Hebron) glass. I found it while in Jericho, that biblical city where the walls were supernaturally taken down by people marching, blowing trumpets and shouting. (And being silent for 7 days!)

The stunning colors come from using old bottles of crushed glass and other local raw sands fired in a hot furnace until fully liquified. A craftsman puts a long thin pipe into the boiling glass, pulls it out of the furnace and blows through the pipe to form the shape. The shaping process continues with a metal instrument until it is fully formed.

It’s beauty on the shelf caught my attention. But when the shopkeeper held it up to a light, I was sold. It’s tough and not easily broken. There are sets, but each piece is unique and individually designed. It’s usable and can be put in a microwave or dishwasher. (Not that I’m going to do that!)

The brokenness and crushing that life brings our way can be transformed into value and beauty by One who is a Master Craftsman. He forms something lovely with the breath of His Spirit blowing into us when the fire of life seems overwhelming. The One who pays attention to detail and to quality will shape us until we are fully formed to shine beautifully.

I’m reminded that the light of God’s presence within us reveals His ultimate design and brings Him glory. What once was crushed and broken can be made into something of beauty and value when we surrender our lives and trust His ways.

As in Jericho’s history of enemy walls falling, our breakthrough will come from that place where giving God praise seems like a battle cry.