Books from my Friends

One of the great pleasures as a writer is to connect with other writers. Reading a good book is like comfort food to the soul. Knowing the author makes it even more fun. I consider each of these writers a treasure in my life and want to share what they’ve written with you.

winfried bauer

I met Winnie and his wife, Lydia in 2013. They moved to our area from their homeland of Germany in 2014. Friendship with them has been amazing. They have treated our taste buds to fabulous cooking since Lydia collects exotic spices from all over the world and creates masterpieces to indulge the palate. We’ve laughed and prayed together many times. Winnie’s story is fun and gut-wrenchingly honest about church difficulties and breath-taking as he goes into enemy territory in Europe. That chapter had my 10--year-old grand asking whether he was still alive! (It’s not a kids’ book, but it was a great story for a kid to hear.) Available on Amazon  A Destiny Unlocked

Terri Lynne Corbett

Terri and I met online! Not a coincidence, but a God-incidence. A fellow author with a heart of compassion for women. Her story sounds bizarre and her transparency is refreshing. The struggles she writes about are real in our world. If you haven't had them, you will know someone who has. The faith that brings her through is a gift to those who are hurting from wrong choices. Life isn’t often perfect, but hope is always available for those who trust in a powerful and personal God. Available on Amazon Where's My Husband

Sheila Waits

Sheila is a woman of grace and power. I love women from the South who are beautiful inside and out. She’s one of those! We were together in a small group in a friend’s home in 2013, both seeking to know God more deeply. Her story is redemptive and will encourage you that God is amazing, despite our failure as humans who’ve been deeply wounded. She writes with vulnerability and courage. There is a way out of pain. Sheila’s story will make you laugh and cry and ultimately rejoice in the faithfulness of a loving God. Available on Amazon Freedom in Christ

Debbie Jones

Debbie is a fun friend to have coffee with to get my ‘laughter is good medicine’ therapy! She is an amazing Bible teacher. Her workbook is power-packed not because of more “how-to’s”, but because of an intimate love relationship with a God who is personal. It’s for those of us who want to experience Him, not just know about Him. It’s a great tool for your personal study or with a group. Available on Amazon Rooted in His Love