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We were off to a rough start. It was my day to hang out with my 10 year old Grand after school. There’d been that little note from school about ‘messing around and spilling’, which led me to believe it wasn’t really me that had put him in defense mode. But when I wanted to help him with homework, he seemed intent on working on his lawyering skills, i.e. arguing technicalities. My love for spelling and its great value isn’t necessarily shared by this intelligent and energetic growing boy!

Before I knew it, we were having a stand-off. Wait a minute. Our time together had become not fun and I didn’t want to be grumpy Grammie, neither did I enjoy time spent with Little League Lawyer. Sigh.

I asked him if he would like to start our time together over?  To my surprise, he agreed. I offered that he could go to the kitchen and walk back to the living room and we’d just start over. He walked back in and very sweetly said ‘Hi’. And we were off to a fresh hr-1351-152-697--1351152697002start.

My techie husband’s favorite fix for electronics that are uncooperative is to unplug and re-plug. That one annoys me in its simplicity when I’ve tried everything else. But it works.

Sometimes it’s what we as human beings need. The chance for a re-start. God gave the best solution to our failures and faults when He sent Jesus to be our sacrifice. I could never have gotten it right enough. My good deeds would never be enough to atone for my sin. I needed a re-start. Grace. Something I don’t deserve and can’t earn. He forgives all our sins and heals all our sicknesses. He saves us from the grave, and he gives us love and compassion. He gives us plenty of good things. He makes us young again, like an eagle that grows new feathers. (Psalm 103)

My heart can choose to say Yes to this! I like the ‘young again’ part and try to prove it when I play soccer with this Grand. That’s when he’s the one giving lots of second chances!

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